white truffle infused olive oil Arotz 200ml

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white truffle infused olive oil Arotz

Tuber Scent Magnatum


capacity 200ml

lenght 6,3cm

width 4,6cm

height 9,6cm

gross weight 235g

These extraordinary truffle variety, amongst more than 70 known species, enclose an unequaled scent, greatly valued on high cuisine, which is perfectly replicated by Arotz Foods Co. infused in carefully selected Spanish olive oil, of velvety texture, gold color and plain aroma and flavor, to highlight the truffles´ aroma.

The result is a unique food-condiment of infused olive oil, very suitable to be used as seasoning or dressing in sophisticated dishes, due to its peculiar, rare and exceptional intense aroma.

Albea Blanca is a new concept of freelance brand, focused on the search of the best products in each class. Albea Blanca´s team, partners and to co-workers, are highly skilled professionals, totally independent to any hidden interest or condition, geographic region, farm or technology brand, and do not own any land, olive mill, orchard and production facility. There isn´t any other commercial or technical purpose but the firm commitment to bring to the most demanding customers a unique selection of high-quality truffle infused olive oils.

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