Mediterranean Sea salt flakes, ginger&smoke flavor 150g

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Mediterranean Sea salt flakes, ginger&smoke flavor

see-throught plastic and alluminium bucket

(protecting plastic bag inside)

capacity 150g

diameter 8,5cm

height 9,1cm

gross weight 240g

It brings freshness to any food given its main property as a flavor enhancer. In addition, its high conservative capacity allows the preparation of perfect saltings. It is very suitable to be used as a dressing in sophisticated dishes, due to its peculiar and sophisticated shape and color.

Extraordinary salt flakes, thin and crunchy, in pyramid shaped crystals, produced following a traditional recipe, unique to the saline in which the salt is produced. The sea-water salt-flats are arranged in a system of multiple pools, of great beauty and luminosity, of 880 hectares officially declared Natural Park, in Alicante, east coast of Spain, on the Mediterranean Sea Spanish sea-shore, in an ecofriendly environment created naturally as a result of the saline activity of wetlands intended for the contribution, maintenance and reproduction of numerous species of waterfowl that live in the old saltwater pools and in the seawater inlet channel.

Once cleaned of impurities, the salt water selected by experts in the saline, is colored and flavored with ginger, and smoke aroma. The mixture is heated carefully so that it does not lose nutrients and is left to dry, until the salt crystallizes naturally, combining millenary tradition (usual practice in the Iron Age) with a permanent innovation in technology, by the use of state-of-the-art machinery and unpolluted sanitary facilities, and in gastronomy, by the sophistication of such a basic condiment. The entire crystallization process is slow and handmade, and the recipe to get that texture, color and flavor is unique to this producer for Albea Blanca, making this collection of high quality salt so exceptional.

Albea Blanca´s salt is obtained by a natural process and does not go through any chemical process that alters its intrinsic composition, but a small doses of ginger and smoke flavor and aroma, that are not harmful to health, and provide hints of color. Therefore, by including this type of sea salt in our daily diet, we balance and nourish our body with essential minerals.

More and more people are aware of all the healthy benefits that this kind of high quality salt brings when consumed in appropriate doses.

In the area of ​​ecofriendly salt-pools, officially declared Natural Park, where Albea Blanca´s salt comes from, 84 stable elements of the periodic table have been identified (chemical elements such as sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium, among others) of which about 79 are in small quantities (trace elements). By their concentration, these are divided into two groups: those of relatively constant concentration, such as iron, manganese, copper, silica, iodine and phosphorus; and those of variable concentration, which are found in infinitesimal quantities, such as cadmium, titanium, chromium, thallium, germanium, antimony and chlorine.

Salt is a condiment that enhances the flavor of food and is an essential mineral for life, since the body needs it to function properly.

Albea Blanca is focused on the search of the best products in each class. Albea Blanca´s team, partners and to co-workers, are highly skilled professionals, totally independent to any hidden interest or condition, geographic region, farm or technology brand, and do not own any land, olive mill, orchard, production facility. There isn´t any other commercial or technical purpose but the firm commitment to bring to the most demanding customers a unique selection of high-quality sea salt flakes.

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